The Band

The Beetle Crushers The Beetle Crushers come from Kouvola, Finland. Their music is influenced by the early 60´s British rock´n´roll as well as the 70´s Rockabilly. The Beetle Crusher sound is melodic but still wild, fast and rockin´ and the songs are mainly Beetle Crusher -originals.

The boys have gained a big following as an exciting and aggressive live band. Over the years they´ve been sharing stages with Cavan ´n´ the Rhythm Rockers, Matchbox and Bill Haley´s Original Comets just to name a few. So far they have toured Germany, Norway and played festival gigs in England and Spain. And of course dozens of gigs across Finland.

Their recordings include an LP "Introducing the Beetle Crushers" and a few 45´s. The LP was released by Goofin Records, which is one of the most respected rock´n´roll-labels in Europe. All releases have got good reviews all over Europe and even the Finnish national television have made a short report of these young R-A-B Hooligans.

The Beetle Crushers Their second album will be released on January 2007 (Goofin´ Records) and you can get a taste of the album by new HOODOO STOMP/ ROCK´N´ROLL SUPERSTAR -7" single.

The Line-up:
Ville Rousku - Vocals
Kimmo Härmä - Lead Guitar
Miikka Siira - Rhythm Guitar
Max Forsström - Drum Kit
Joose Siira - Fender Bass

+358-40-771 7373 / Ville Rousku